TANEKO Short History

TANEKO was incorporated in 2007 with expertise man power in the Diesel Generating Set as well as experiences our Group Companies in the past twenty years, we have gained experience in many sectors of the developing many client for gained power.

Our expertise people on many projects has been wide ranging within the country with emphasis on remote area involvement in pursuit of oil and gas or telecommunications clients. TANEKO has been involved in mining, telecommunication light industrial projects , hospitality, government, infrastructure companies and many more. The company has primary focused on services. However, in performing service activities, experience has been gained in logistics, expertise man power and engineering.

TANEKO consistent to continue to offer services Indonesia wide, in as much as some of our more successful projects have been in remote areas of the country. It is the intent of TANEKO to remain flexible, so as to meet market needs.

We have gained many experiences from deploying energy needs of various clients in many sectors and we have complete solution for all your power transmission needs to any location in Indonesia.

    Services & Support

  • Service Management

    Starting with the design of your generator sets,our engineers will do for you whatever is requiredby you as our valuable customer.

  • Hotline Overview

    Our service department is available 24/7 and handles maintenance works, repairs and spare part deliveries quickly and unbureaucratically.

  • Logistics

    As a result of the large number of major international projects, we have established an efficient logistics department for worldwide dispatch.

  • Customer Acceptance

    Our emergency diesel generator sets are assembled and commissioned by our qualified service technicians on site.

    Vision Statement

    To be The First Choice Company For Business Partner
    in Indonesia For Power Brand